I Never Finish Anyth

I’m a big one for plans; in particular, making them.

This well-honed skill doesn’t translate so well into making those plans materialise though. In-fact i’ve built a good reputation upon dreaming up such grand plans, allowing the romanticism of the idea override the realities of life, resulting in… well, nothing.

Of course, these plans generally revolve around rides which I’d like to do, people I’d like to meet and challenges I’d like to crack. A selection of my recent plans, collected from my notebook where I scrawl with genuine intent, are listed below (go ahead, nick them if you like):


And it’s not just riding plans that bare the brunt of my enthusiasm; friends are growing tired of my weekly group messages too; “Hey guys! Who wants to head to Devon for a camping trip this weekend?!”“Anyone for Scotland?”“Alright. Just a pint?”.
It’s clear – I’ve got a reputation and it’s something that needs to change.

I’m pretty sure this inability to live out my plans isn’t a recent affliction. As a five year old novelist, my ambitions rarely materialised beyond a front cover design and, if things at nursery weren’t too full-on that week, a synopsis for the rear cover, giving a peep-hole into what could be.

Where do these plans come from? All manner of places… I think having an adventurous mind and wish to create is important. It’s what gets me excited about planning, but that’s been fuelled and influenced by blogs and Instagram accounts of people who have far cooler lives than me: Leave It On The Road, The Radavist, Poler stuff and Mr Lachlan Morton to list a few.
It’s well worth having a good old ‘follow session’ – settling down into an Instagram maze, linking you from account to account, stumbling into those which really get you buzzing and have something that you can relate to, whilst remaining aspirational.

It’s easy to portray this starter-not-finisher trait as a negative, but just think about this for a minute: an unhatched egg lives in your fridge as an essential ingredient in cake. Proof, if you need it, that unmade plans, just like those unhatched eggs, have their silver linings and great things can be made out of them. So, don’t be disheartened.
Some of these silver linings which I find to be true:

You end up with a bank of great plans and ideas. Whilst these may just lay untouched for too many months like that bottle of Baileys in your parents drinks cabinet, they also provide aspiration to get you through the long winter months, again just like that bottle of Baileys.

Those plans that you do nail become even more of a triumph. Hitting the mark with our trip to Skipton in Yorkshire this year was undoubtedly made that bit more awesome by the sense of fulfilment that was achieved.

It challenges you to improve yourself. Make yourself a better plan follower-througher – I love a challenge, especially one which has the potential to take you to some brilliant places.

All in all, this is a funny issue to be expressing on a blog named Up And Doing, right? Well, here’s a secret – a founding reason behind Up And Doing was a self-help ploy made public: to motivate me in getting up and follow through on those plans. So you’ll find out at the same pace as me as to wether it works. Exciting, eh?

[N.B. As ironic as it may be, it’s taken me two months and a good, hard kick in the shins from a friend to actually finish this blog. A reminder that friends are crucial in the finishing phase of any good plan. Involve them and you’ll thank each other.]



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